Buyers and Sellers Getting Closer

October 31st, 2007 by Tahoe Homes

Mark Buergin

It seems as if time and the real estate markets are beginning to get more in sync with each other. As the general decrease in sales volume is recognized by the sellers, they are beginning to realize that the market is “officially” off its peak. With that information confirmed and a motivation to sell at a realistic price, we are seeing sellers price their homes at much more attractive figures than previous quarters. Just like a stock does not satay at it’s peak price for very long, sellers are now admitting and following through that the real estate market is truly going through a cycle that cannot be ignored. This is a very healthy occurance for any economic cycle that lets all the excesses out of overheated markets and will eventually get back on track when buyers and sellers are closer in their buy/ sell prices. Since there has not been a correction of this nature on a nation wide basis since World War II, this notable drop in home sales is reported by the media with a hint of panic and pandemonium. New construction has all but halted and inventory is slowly being absorbed. The need for housing with the growing population will resume very quickly and right the markets back to a normal pace.

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